Ball of Fire

Howard Hawks poses with co-stars Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck and Tully Marshall as one of the professors in Ball of Fire (1942).


Howard Hawks

Gary Cooper at the wedding of Howard Hawks to “Slim” Nancy Gross, four days after Pearl Harbor.

Gary Cooper served as best man at the wedding of Howard Hawks and Nancy Gross (Slim Keith) on Dec 4, 1941.  Howard’s Sergeant York with Gary in the title role was then the number one box office hit in the country.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks in knickers with his first wife on the far left, Athole Shearer, Norma’s sister.  They were married 1928-40.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks with his second wife Slim Keith, the inspiration for Lauren Bacall’s screen persona.  They were married three days before Pearl Harbor, on Dec 4, 1941, and were divorced in 1949.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks with Dee Hartford, his third of three wives.  They were married 1953-59.

El Dorado

Howard Hawks in an original publicity still filming El Dorado (1966) with James Caan and Michele Carey.

To Have and Have Not (1944)

Howard Hawks filming To Have and Have Not (1943) with Bogart and Bacall

Howard Hawks 1896-1977

Howard Hawks on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) with Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe

Hawks gallery

Howard Hawks


The Big Sky

The Big Sky (1951)

Howard Hawks filming The Big Sky with Kirk Douglas


at home

at home

Howard Hawks 1972 interview clip

studio photo 1942

studio photo 1942

Howard Hawks in a publicity still for Ball of Fire, his third film for independent producer Samuel Goldwyn, whose name still appears in the 21st century.

Howard Hawks in the 20s

Howard Hawks in the 20s

Howard Hawks made seven silent films for 20th Century Fox (1926-1928), two are lost and one is incomplete.