The Thing


banner for The Thing (1951)



The back of this publicity still reads

Caption  “SCARFACE”

P.8  Karen Morley as she appears in “SCARFACE,” Howard Hughes’ sensational gangster film, in which she plays the female lead opposite Paul Muni,  It is her first major film role.

Rio Lobo


Sherry Lansing in Rio Lobo (1970)

Rio Lobo


extras in a scene from Rio Lobo (1970)

Rio Lobo


John Wayne as Col Cord McNally in Rio Lobo (1970)

Red Line 7000


Laura Devon in an original publicity still for Red Line 7000 (1965)



Charles Farrell and Greta Nissen in an original publicity still for Fazil (1926)

The Criminal Code


Howard Hawks made The Criminal Code (1931) after Scarface (1932), but The Criminal Code was released while Scarface was still being held up by the censors.

The Crowd Roars



Eric Linden and James Cagney are auto racing brothers in an original publicity still for The Crowd Roars (1932).

Air Force


John Garfield with Tripoli the Dog in his lap, Harry Carey, George Tobias and an unidentified man in an original publicity still for Air Force (1943)

Air Force


Harry Carey Sr and John Garfield in an original publicity still for Air Force (1943).  Harry Carey Jr was in Red River, and had a bit part in Monkey Business.

Ball of Fire

fake Sugarpuss O’Shea in a theatre flyer for Ball of Fire (1942)

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks with Peggy Cummins and Kay Williams, circa 1950.  Peggy is best known for Gun Crazy (1950).   Kay had 16 acting credits from 1943 to her first and only on screen credit, in 1953, after a career of uncredited bits.

Come and Get It

Joel McCrae and Frances Farmer make taffy candy in a publicity still for Come and Get It (1936).   Does anyone still make it?  All I know is that “salt water taffy” was a treat.

The Road to Glory

Warner Baxter and June Lang in an original publicity still for The Road to Glory (1936).  One of Hawks’ lesser known films, it’s a good film, and very watchable for classic film fans.  Hawks only made four weak films in his career.

It was posted on youtube in Oct 2019.  and it is still there in May 2020, but it may get yanked at any time.