His Girl Friday

Rosalind Russell has a bite to eat in His Girl Friday (1940).


Sergeant York

Joan Leslie and Gary Cooper in an autographed publicity still for Sergeant York (1941).  Joan was born in Detroit and had 70 acting credits in her career, from a 1936 short as Joan Brodel, through a 1991 tv movie.  Joan passed away in 2015 at the age of 90.

The Outlaw

Jane Russell is out of character in a publicity still for The Outlaw (1943).  While the publicity for the film focused on Jane’s sex appeal and voluptuous figure, this publicity photo promotes her as the girl next door with four unknown teen boys not seen in the film.

The Big Sleep

The caption reads


Mr and Mrs (nee Lauren Bacall) Humphrey Bogart had a day off during production of their forthcoming Warner Bros co-starrer “The Big Sleep”   —–  so ——-    they spent most of it on the set watching supporting players do their stuff.  Film is to be released around Sept. 1.  In it Bogart plays the man Bacall is after, just as he did in their original triumph “To Have and Have Not.”

FROM Warner Bros. Studio

Burbank, California

Red River

John Wayne and Coleen Gray as Fen in an autographed publicity photo for Red River (1948).  As Thomas Dunson prepares to take off, she asks him “What about the nights?”