Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves is Howard Hawks’ second film.

Fig Leaves premiered Aug 22, 1926


Cradle Snatchers

Producer and director credits were often interchanged in the silent era.  Howard Hawks was the director of Cradle Snatchers (1927) and studio head William Fox was the producer.

Paid to Love

Paid to Love is Howard Hawks’ fourth film as a director.

Paid to Love premiered Jul 23, 1927

Cradle Snatchers

Cradle Snatchers is Howard Hawks’ third film.

Cradle Snatchers premiered May 28, 1927.

A Girl in Every Port

A Girl in Every Port is Howard Hawks’ fifth film.

A Girl in Every Port premiered Feb 26, 1928



Fazil (1928), a silent film produced and directed by Howard Hawks.

Fazil is Howard Hawks’ sixth film.

Fazil premiered Jun4, 1928.

The Air Circus

The Air Circus is Howard Hawks’ seventh film.

The Air Circus premiered Sep 30, 1928

The Air Circus

The Air Circus (1928).  Howard Hawks said it was a good picture.  “It was about two kids learning to fly, and when they took off and flew in the picture: they actually soloed.”

Trent’s Last Case

Trent’s Last Case is Howard Hawks’ eighth film.

Trent’s Last Case premiered Mar 31, 1929.

The Dawn Patrol

The Dawn Patrol (1930) is Howard Hawks’ first sound film to be released and his ninth film as a director.

The Darn Patrol premiered Jul 10, 1930.

The Criminal Code

The Criminal Code (1931) was Howard Hawks’ first film for Columbia studios.  He would have big success there with two Cary Grant films, Only Angels Have Wings and His Girl Friday.  She defied the moral code by falling in love with an inmate.

The Criminal Code


The Criminal Code (1931) shows on TCM Thursday night at 8 p.m. eastern time, followed later in the evening by Howard Hawks’ original Scarface (1932), and then Brian DePalma’s 1983 remake.

The Criminal Code is Howard Hawks’ 10th film.

The Criminal Code premiered Jan 3, 1931.


Scarface is Howard Hawks’ 11th film.

Scarface premiered Mar 31, 1932 in New Orleans after a lengthy battle with the censors.

The Crowd Roars

The Crowd Roars is Howard Hawks’ 12th film.

The Crowd Roars premiered Apr 16, 1932

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark is Howard Hawks’ 13th film.

Tiger Shark premiered Sep 22, 1932, and Jul 1933 in India.  Parel is a neighborhood of Bombay, India, called Mumbai until 1935.