Howard Hawks’ early career

Estelle Taylor as Marceta and Antonio Moreno as “The Wildcat” in Tiger Love (1924).

Estelle was born in Wilmington, Delaware and had 46 acting credits in her career, from 1919 to 1945.  Her most notable film was 1931 best picture winner,  Cimarron.

Antonio was born in Madrid, Spain, was a Latin lover in the Rudolph Valentino mold, and had 151 acting credits in his career, from a 1912 short to a 1969 appearance on Spanish tv.  In the sound era, most of his films were made in Spain, with occasional Hollywood titles.  His films among the best 1,001 are Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious (an uncredited bit) and The Searchers for John Ford.  He was also in Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Howard Hawks’ early career

Antonio Moreno and Estelle Taylor in a publicity still for Tiger Love (1924).  The film was directed by George Melford for Paramount Studios.  George had a whopping 231 director credits, from 1911 to 1946.  Most of his credits are for shorts, and his first feature was in 1914, after over 100 shorts.  He also directed Dawn of a Tomorrow in 1924, another film with Howard Hawks as production editor.

George’s only notable credit is the 1931 Spanish language version of Dracula, with Carlos Villarias as the Count.  At the time, Hollywood studios produced completely different foreign language versions of their more popular films.  Many consider this version to be superior to the Bela Lugosi version, as the crew had seen the Lugosi version, and were able to improve lighting, camera angles, and other technical details.