Mans Favorite Sport

Howard Hawks directing Rock Hudson in Mans Favorite Sport (1964)


Fig Leaves


Kenneth Hawks was Howard’s brother who had a promising career as a film director, but he was tragically killed in a plane crash with nine others while filming aerial scenes for his third film.  Kenneth was married to Mary Astor at the time.  Even in 1926 Howard was commanding everyone’s attention with his low-key, soft spoken manner.

Fig Leaves


The oldest surviving photograph of Howard Hawks in the director’s chair.  Fig Leaves (1926) was his second silent film.

The Air Circus


behind the scenes of The Air Circus (1928).  It’s assumed that’s Howard Hawks on the right.



Howard Hawks and his son Gregg in a publicity still for Hatari (1962)



Howard Hawks in Africa filming Hatari (1962) with Elsa Martinelli and photographer Russell Harlan.

Howard Hawks


Howard Hawks in a publicity still

Howard Hawks


John Wayne presenting Howard Hawks with an honorary Oscar backstage at the 1975 ceremony.

A Song is Born

Howard Hawks’ signed contract for A Song is Born (1948), his fourth and final film for producer Samuel Goldwyn, after Barbary Coast, Come and Get It, and Ball of Fire.

Monkey Business

Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Coburn filming a scene for Monkey Business (1952).  That could be the top of Howard Hawks’ head in the foreground.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks shares a meal with Cary Grant, James Stewart and an unidentified female.  Perhaps it’s Ruth Hussey, Cary and James’ co-star in The Philadelphia Story.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks stands next to Otto Preminger as Carroll Baker is the center of attention in front of Paramount Studios promoting Harlow (1965).

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks in Germany during the making of I Was a Male War Bride (1949).

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks directing Joanne Dru on the set of Red River (1948).  That appears to be Margaret Sheridan next to Joanne, Hawks’ first choice for Tess Millay.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks on a motorcycle, one of his many hobbies outside of work in film.