The Big Sleep

John Ridgely draws a weapon on Elisha Cook Jr in a scene from The Big Sleep (1946)

The Thing

The back of this publicity still reads


John Ridgely, Dewey Martin, Kenneth Tobey, Robert Cornthwaite and Douglas Spencer search for an awesome creature in this scene from Howard Hawks’ “The Thing” which is distributed by RKO Radio.

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Air Force


The back of this publicity still reads

HE CAN DIE HAPPY   –    When John Ridgely was told that he was to play the pilot of a Boeing B17-E Flying Fortress in Warner Bros.’ “Air Force” he was delighted.  When he discovered that he had a death scene, right then and there his career was secured.  Death scenes are automatic dramatic highlights in any motion picture, even one with as much violent action as “Air Force.”  Here’s the happy Mr. Ridgely about to succumb, surrounded by members of his crew, which includes such favorites as John Garfield, Harry Carey and George Tobias, among others.

From Warner Bros. Studio

Burbank, California

John was also in Howard Hawks’ The Big Sleep, as Eddie Mars.

Air Force

Air Force (1943)