Dee Hartford

Publicity still for Dee Hartford in A Girl in Every Port (1952).  Dee was Howard Hawks’ third wife.  They were married 1953 to 1960.  By coincidence, Howard Hawks has an unrelated film called A Girl in Every Port (1928).  It was a silent film with Victor McLaglen and Louise Brooks.  Dee’s A Girl in Every Port is a weak Groucho Marx comedy made without his brothers.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks on a motorcycle.  Hawks had many interests outside of film making.

Ball of Fire

Howard Hawks directing Barbara Stanwyck on the set of Ball of Fire (1942).

Ball of Fire

Producer Samuel Goldwyn visits Howard Hawks and Barbara Stanwyck on the set of Ball of Fire (1942).  One can tell that Howard does not enjoy having producers on his set while he’s at work.  Most of Howard’s films were produced by Hawks himself.

Nancy Gross

Howard Hawks’ second wife, Nancy Gross, nicknamed Slim.   They were married in 1941 and divorced in 1949.  She was played by Hope Davis in Infamous (2006) with Toby Jones as Truman Capote.

Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks at a screening of Hearts in Exile (1929), directed by Michael Curtiz at Warner Brothers, where Hawks would make many of his most popular films.  None of the other men are recognizable.  It is likely one of the men is Curtiz.  In 1929, Hawks had yet to make a sound film, but still he was front and center by himself.

The Road to Glory

Howard Hawks in the director’s chair on the set of The Road to Glory (1936) with Warner Baxter, June Lang, and an unknown woman.

Ball of Fire

Howard Hawks on the set of Ball of Fire (1942) with Richard Haydn, Aubrey Mather, Tully Marshall and Leonid Kinsky

Nancy Gross

Nancy Gross, many years after her divorce from Howard Hawks, at a gala event.  After her divorce, it was she, and not Howard, who kept up friendships with Ernest Hemingway, Bogart and Bacall. She was a socialite and would be an interesting biographical subject. It was Nancy, nicknamed Slim, who first brought Lauren Bacall’s magazine cover to the attention of her husband Howard, who spoke with Lauren, still known as Betty Jane Persky, and he soon brought her to Hollywood for a screen test.

Ball of Fire

Howard Hawks on the set of Ball of Fire (1942) with Barbara Stanwyck


Scarface (1932) laser disc.  It’s the perfect gift for the holiday season – an obsolete 20th century technology.  Not only is it like really really perfect, it’s iconic and epic too.  Let’s do this.

Red Line 7000

Red Line 7000 (1965) laser disc

To Have and Have Not

To Have and Have Not (1944) laser disc.  Celebrating the holidays with an obsolete technology.

The Thing

laser disc for The Thing (1951)

Rio Lobo

foreign laser disc for Rio Lobo (1970)